Having a consultant advise on your marketing activity can be a cost effective way of ensuring the marketing function remains focussed, successful and within a tight budget.  I can make weekly visits on an ongoing, flexible basis with regular reviews, or you might just want someone to come and look at what you are currently doing with fresh eyes and offer advice on how to adapt to the changing market needs without increasing, or even by reducing your budget.

You might be in a position where you are considering marketing your school or organisation for the first time and need someone to create a strategy for you.  I can work with you on a short-term basis to do this before leaving you, or a less experienced marketer, to implement the marketing plan on a full-time basis, according to your budget requirements.

If you have focussed all your marketing effort to date on recruiting new pupils or customers, but are now realising the retention of pupils and customers is becoming equally important, I can advise you on how to keep your current customers happy.

I will work towards the solution that is in the best interests of your school or organisation.  If I feel that you need someone full-time straight away and would not benefit from having a consultant in charge of your marketing, I will tell you.  I will not work for any of your competitors during the duration of our contract.  I offer flexibility which might mean you need me more at certain times of the year, for example, during school term time.